Careers at Frontdoor 🚀
Careers at Frontdoor 🚀

Careers at Frontdoor 🚀

What we’re building ⚙️

Open Roles 💼

We’re building a curation network to help redefine how we discover and surface content, people and connections

It’s not 1990 anymore. When we want an article to read, a product to use or a person to be connected to - it’s no longer enough to have AN answer to the question - we’re looking for the BEST answer. Today’s networks are bloated, noisy and not fit for purpose. We’re building a new kind of network to redefine how we discover content and people.

Backed by leading investors (read more here), Frontdoor is scaling its membership community at lightning speed. We’re building two things: 1) An app to help discover, connect and credential web3 talent and 2) IRL spaces that live at the heart of our community (campus co-working, intimate events etc.)

Why you should join us 🦄

Get in on ground 0 and work on THE next big thing. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to work on the technological frontier as it’s unfolding - it’s like starting a career in web2 back in 1995 (don’t just take our word for it!)
Build something truly revolutionary. Don’t settle for working on problems that don’t excite you. This is a chance to help shape and work on the cutting edge of technology (web3) whilst enabling some of the smartest founders and operators out there
Build a world-class network. You’ll get to meet hundreds of founders, engineers, operators and investors as you help build products to accelerate their journey
Generous compensation, perks & allowances. We take care of the small things so you can focus on shipping great work. We’re offering generous salaries (and equity!), unlimited vacation, equipment allowances and more!
Founding Full-Stack Engineer
Founder Associate
Head of Community
Full-Stack Engineer